Sandra Macarthur


My first experience with yoga and meditation was at aged 19, using a follow along book on the floor of my bedroom. I had been searching for a technique to help ease my anxiety disorder while studying psychology at University. As someone who loved to dance, yoga seemed like a natural remedy which coupled my joy of movement, with a philosophy which helped me off the mat as well as on it. Having dipped in and out of my asana practice it wouldn’t be until 20 years later in 2019, that I would finally take the plunge and undertake the 200 hour teacher training, in Seasonal Yoga here at Prana Studio with Carla Webster. I am passionate about yoga in all its forms, from the strength building ashtanga, to the rejuvenation of  a yin based practice. My focus within teaching however is based on the mental benefits of a moving meditation. Seasonal yoga allows me to reflect upon the changing of our moods and habits depending on the time of year. How we feel in our minds and bodies varies from day to day, month to month, and oftentimes season to season without us really realising. I hope to share with my students a sense of coming home to themselves within their yoga practice, or at the very least just an hour out of their day where they can feel they can breath and reset.

Sandra Macarthur's classes