Jill McInulty

Jill teaches Hatha Yoga for all levels on Thursdays at 10am

Website: pranayogastudio.co.uk
Social: @atyogalifestyle
Email: jillianmac@hotmail.co.uk

Hi, I’m a Hatha trained yoga teacher and I’ve worked in the wellness industry for 11 years now. Starting of as a fitness instructor then leading on to do my Yoga teacher training. 

For me Yoga is a way of life, a lifestyle and something that was introduced to me by my Mum as a child. What I love most about it apart from the abundance of health and wellbeing benefits is the connection it brings to my life. First and foremost with myself then the community and environment around me. There’s a great little saying I love “attached to nothing connected to everything” this pretty much sums up my approach to teaching.
Being passionate about helping people I am committed to furthering my knowledge and regularly attend training courses and workshops.I have been lucky enough to train with some of the worlds most renowned yoga teachers and anatomy specialists, incorporating their teachings into my own personal practice and teaching. 
I hope to connect with you soon either on or off your mat!
Jill teaches Hatha Yoga on Thursdays at 10am. Email to book
Jill McInulty's classes